Wake up your tired, calloused feet with our new Caramel Macchiato Super Strength Exfoliating Bar! Handcrafted with organic coffee and coarse coffee grounds that remove calloused skin without the cost of a pedicure (or having to leave the house!) 

Why coffee? Caffeine naturally regenerates skin by constricting the blood vessels, helping to reduce inflammation and puffiness. It also tightens and brightens the skin, reducing wrinkles and visibly smoothing away cellulite on the body.  Plus, coffee grounds are an eco-friendly way to exfoliate, unlike plastic tools sold at stores or chemical-filled callous removers at your local nail salon.  

Use in the shower or bath, rub the bar in circular motion to remove calloused, dry skin on heels and balls of feet.  For added softness, also apply our KISable Whipped Body Butter after bathing.  
Each soap bar is handcrafted with our proprietary blend of organic shea butter, organic coconut, olive, sunflower and castor oils. 

Formulated without parabens, petroleum, pesticides, phthalates, sulfates, GMO, silicones, artificial dyes or fragrances, because we believe that if we keep it simple - we keep it safe. **Vegan**

Caramel Macchiato Super Strength Exfoliating Bar

  • Ingredients - Distilled Water, Shea Butter*, Coconut Oil*, Castor Oil, Olive Oil*, Sodium Hydroxide, Sweet Almond Oil*, Sunflower Oil*, Essential Oil*, 100% Pure All Natural Fragrance Oil, Natural Mica* (colorant) (*Organic)